You know I love a good pair of heels. They make you walk better, hold yourself better, and definitely make you look better. Legs for days, better posture, and those gams! What’s not to love? But sometimes my poor feet need respite from the not so nice treatment afforded to them in sky-high heels. But flats are not an option when you have a heel habit as entrenched as mine. So I opt for the ever-timeless kitten heel. You know what my motto is: if it’s good enough for Audrey (Hepburn), it’s good enough for me. A modern day example is the lady who perfectly embodies the idea that power and femininity go hand in hand: First Lady Michelle Obama, an ardent fan of the shoe.

If we tap-dance our way back into history, the kitten heel was worn in gilded ballrooms with New Look-esque gowns and bejeweled little purses. Reminiscent of a glitzier era, it can really add a spring to your step. There’s something coquettish about them, but with a dose of saccharine thrown in.

We incorporated them in by stocking up on Laboratorio 917 – gorgeous, luxurious shoes handcrafted in Italy. Born in Milan, their collection features a diverse lineup of textures, heel heights and prints, all enviably stylish. Easily added to your closet and seamlessly injected into your personal style. Suede ebony ankle boots for fall, nude patent slingback kitten heels for work, leopard print babies for play.


Devil wears …




Nigel: (holds up a pair of fashionable high heels) I guessed an 8 and a half.

Andy Sachs: I don’t need those. Miranda hired me. She knows what I look like.

Nigel: Do you?



Pretty Woman







The year was 1990: Pretty Woman releases and girls all over the country (and world) fall in love with an unconventional character. Julia Roberts’ Vivian is the protagonist of a classic makeover story that America just goes nuts over. Her “refined” style included the always classic getup of light blue jeans, a crisp white tee and big, voluminous hair.

We set out to get a reimagined version of the look! In order to make it not look like a Halloween costume but a look drawing inspiration from an iconic scene, we added plenty of modern updates and kept it fresh and sharp. The center of our ensemble is the Bella Dahl ‘boyfriend’ shirt – slouchy with just enough volume to give it a menswear edge as the name suggests. W studio mini skirt is a quintessentially classic American light blue. Laboratorio 917 shoes are a lesson in classic done well. Lastly, Coordinates legend baracelet updates the look with a modern trend.


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917 closet,

White Boyfriend Shirt_Bella Dahl

Back Zip Denim Mini Skirt_W Studio by W Concept

D’orsay Pumps Black Leather

– Legend Bracelet_Coordinates


Brunch with Slingback Pumps






There more hotspots coming up in my hometown Groningen and I’m proud of it! Especially a lot of lunchrooms, like No.25. I went there last Friday and I’m sold! So is my boyfriend. What I love about No.25 is that they serve pure, mostly unfamiliar products and they create the most creative combinations. Combinations that tickle your senses, as they say them selves 😉 I know your probably not going to visit Groningen when you in Holland, but if you do, you know where to go!

#Fashion Hoax / fashionhoax.creatorsofdesire.com


Gray Saves the Day




My name is Sabrina, and I am working as an accountant in a financial company, which is located in Via Bagutta, Milan. I got entered this company in early December last year. Two days ago, I found a notice that my company are going to have a new-year party at the hotel tomorrow night. I was so worried about my dress code for business party, because I have never been invited that kind of big party. I remembered I have one eccentric-pretty dress. It is an off-white sleeveless and not a sheath, so I decided to wear it with black wool coat and a gunmetal metallic clutch. I couldn’t make a final decision for shoes yet, because I know the bad choice is going to mess the whole dress code up. I usually get away from matchy-matchy outfits, but this time, I wanted to try the pumps same as the dress color. It might be great!! A pair of pale gray shoes is a clean and fashionable approach to a tone-on-tone outfit. I think it is so smart choice and elegant use of gray shoes for me. Also, I am going to wear a cashmere sweater and jeans with gray pumps for business time at the day. I know well that is a sophisticated way to do office attire for business time and switch to do party for nighttime.


How do you Christmas?


My name is Debora from Milan, and I am a freelance writer. My city is full of exciting with carol songs from the street, and there are tons of lights all over the places now. As everyone noticed, today is Christmas. I am planning to go to hometown in where my parents live. My parents house is located in the suburbs which is 3 hours drive away from my city, so I decided to be casual with black Chelsea boot to be comfortable while driving. I am supposed to attend Christmas party at home hosted by my uncle Antonio tonight. To enjoy late-night party after driving so long, I really have to wear flat shoes not to kill my feet. I think the black chelsea boot that is somewhat alike the mod classic in the early 1960s is the best one for my Christmas journey. The boot has been my wear-anywhere shoe and uprising favorite one because the Chelsea boot makes my outfit unarguably chic. It is definitely easy way to add interest with minimal effort just like my Christmas plan. I guess I perfectly get ready to be out of the city to have fun Christmas now. Before leaving in the city, Merry Christmas, Milano!


917 Closet,

– Chelsea Boots_new Fly Nero LABORATORIO 917

– Cable Crewneck Sweater_Scarlet PURE CASHMERE