Winter City Sleek



It has been said that a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes for a city sleek every season. Although there are no excuses to test out various footwear as every season changes, you must not skip having the suede pumps that are the perfect seasonal transition item. Like Blake Lively as seen in the picture, if you are ready to show off your legs with blue suede pumps, style it with a pair of tights in a saturated color, such as deep blue. (dark green or burgundy would be great as well!) They help you to look warm even though more than half of your legs are exposed. Since your ensemble of the bottom is full of smoky colors, try to match winter coats and bags in a neutral color. The color makes your attire balanced with style. Plus, it works for changing your atmosphere to be fresh and brighter even in heavy cloths. Black leather gloves and soft cashmere mufflers in gray are wonderful options. If you want to dress down the suede pumps without losing a refined, city sleek edge like her, the guides offered would be helpful for a perfect look.


917 Closet,

– Bag Pocket Half Coat_beige W STUDIO of W CONCEPT

– Pure Cashmere Scarf PURE CASHMERE

– Rose_mocca Gold DENTS

– Long Sleeve Knit Dress W STREET of W CONCEPT

– Suede Pumps_blue LABORATORIO 917

– Pashli Mini Satchel_feath 3.1 PHILLIP LIM


Girl at the Coffee Shop


My name is Lucia and I am working as a web designer for an Italian fashion brand. Every weekend, I enjoy going to ‘Mercurio’ which is a coffee shop located a few miles away from my studio. This is one of my favorite places to take a rest while reading art books. Peter, who owns this cafe, has been working as a web designer just like me. That is why there are many art books related to web design. It is absolutely free to enjoy reading art books if I buy a cup of coffee.

There are specific fashion code every time I go to Mercurio, and I would like to share my weekend look here. I always wear rolled-up jeans and pitone sling back pumps in mid heels. Rolled-up jeans mould perfectly to the cozy couch covered in vintage fabric in Mercurio, and the mid heels with pointy toe make me a professional working girl even on the weekend. I have had the jeans and shoes for nearly a year and have been using them many and many times. Now I couldn’t even imagine without spending my weekend without them.


Give Up to Gain


It has been a decade since the ladies of Sex and the City has been off camera, nevertheless, we still remember what Sarah Jessica Parker wore in every single scene. She showed us her various personalities through Carrie’s daily looks and they were so fresh. The same is true of the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It, 2011”. Kate, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is a woman who has it all which means a success in business and a happy family. How does Sarah transform Carrie into a totally different character as Kate? The secret is not how you gain but how you give-up, especially in style. We can find out Kate’s looks well in the movie well. When she was walking down the street wearing a white button-up chiffon blouse, midnight blue high- waisted wide pants and black simple pumps, she looked as if she was taking the center stage in the workplace and being the perfect mom for her children. The style is enough to imply that she is independent and strong to live in a tough city as a working mom, even though she wasn’t trying too much to wear fascinating items to show her social position and ability. Sarah definitely threw away the cute dress, glittering jewelries, feather attached shoes and palm-size clutch at this time. Overall, the key is choosing the right items that speak for your character well, instead of choosing just trendy and expensive items.


917 Closet,

– Shoulder Lace Blouse in White W STUDIO of W CONCEPT

– Pearl Cubic Twist Bangle W STUDIO of W CONCEPT


– High-waist Strip Wide Pants Paul&Alice

– Classic Pointed Toe Stiletto Pumps LABORATORIO 917

– Sleazy Jane OMYBAG


Simple is the Best


We all know what you wear to work is as important as what you wear for a date. And we all have been wondering what kind of style can be perfectly appropriate for a business meeting with boss and for a blind meeting with date partner. Here is the answer from an actress Cameron Diaz who was in the movie “The Other Woman, 2014”. She was playing an office woman who had just started a relationship with a womanizer. After knowing the truth, Cameron formed a scheme for revenge on him. In the movie, she kept intending to seduce him with wearing simple cocktail dresses and pumps.Her looks are not fascinating or colorful, but these are still attractive and more powerful than any other looks. Her looks give us a message like just take the simple black cocktail dress and pumps if you want to succeed in your career and grab your boyfriend’s eyes back. The styles are very simple, but it is enough to have a lingering impression. Plus, as adding one more tip, extra fashion pieces such as a few glittery add-ons would be better for an after hours style.



917 Closet,

– Asymmetry-Dress Black ALANI THE GREY

– Tess Necklace_crystal GEMMA ALUS DESIGN

– Postina Cachemere Blandine_medium ZANELLATO

– Fem-Chunky Bracelet SABRINA & JAYE

– Classic Pointed Toe Stiletto Pumps LABORATORIO 917


Here Comes The Sun



My name is Sophia, 33 years old. I am a single woman and working as a gallery curator. The gallery is located nearby Monte Napoleone Street and the name of it is ‘Verita’.The gallery has huge exhibitions two times a year. The first exhibition ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the court of Milan’ has just started. As many famous exhibitions, the gallery is crowded with a lot of people everyday, often visited by celebrities.
Three days ago, I got a text message from one of my colleagues that Paul McCartney is coming to our gallery to see the exhibition. I was so excited because I am a huge fan of The Beatles since I was young.Today is the day he is scheduled to visit the gallery. It has been a busy morning even though I woke up one hour earlier than the usual. I turned on my iPod instead of watching news on TV. The music ‘Here Comes The Sun (1969)’ is coming out from my iPod speaker while I am looking at my shoes to see which will match well with my black mini-dress and also make me look elegant and sophisticated.While I am worried about that there is no perfectly matching shoes, the shoe box placed in the corner caught my eyes. I opened it and found the black Dorsay flat shoes, the design of which is simple but very chic. The leather softly wraps the foot so that if I should stand almost all day, I could feel comfortable and relaxed. These shoes are the ones that I need for today.
Before leaving home, I checked the clothes and shoes again. What I found there is a woman who is confident with wearing black leather flats in the mirror. I practiced greeting him with a gentle smile. With the greeting, I will say “Nice to meet you, sir. It was such an honor to guide you. It was amazing as Here Comes The Sun.”