Pretty Woman







The year was 1990: Pretty Woman releases and girls all over the country (and world) fall in love with an unconventional character. Julia Roberts’ Vivian is the protagonist of a classic makeover story that America just goes nuts over. Her “refined” style included the always classic getup of light blue jeans, a crisp white tee and big, voluminous hair.

We set out to get a reimagined version of the look! In order to make it not look like a Halloween costume but a look drawing inspiration from an iconic scene, we added plenty of modern updates and kept it fresh and sharp. The center of our ensemble is the Bella Dahl ‘boyfriend’ shirt – slouchy with just enough volume to give it a menswear edge as the name suggests. W studio mini skirt is a quintessentially classic American light blue. Laboratorio 917 shoes are a lesson in classic done well. Lastly, Coordinates legend baracelet updates the look with a modern trend.


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917 closet,

White Boyfriend Shirt_Bella Dahl

Back Zip Denim Mini Skirt_W Studio by W Concept

D’orsay Pumps Black Leather

– Legend Bracelet_Coordinates

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