You know I love a good pair of heels. They make you walk better, hold yourself better, and definitely make you look better. Legs for days, better posture, and those gams! What’s not to love? But sometimes my poor feet need respite from the not so nice treatment afforded to them in sky-high heels. But flats are not an option when you have a heel habit as entrenched as mine. So I opt for the ever-timeless kitten heel. You know what my motto is: if it’s good enough for Audrey (Hepburn), it’s good enough for me. A modern day example is the lady who perfectly embodies the idea that power and femininity go hand in hand: First Lady Michelle Obama, an ardent fan of the shoe.

If we tap-dance our way back into history, the kitten heel was worn in gilded ballrooms with New Look-esque gowns and bejeweled little purses. Reminiscent of a glitzier era, it can really add a spring to your step. There’s something coquettish about them, but with a dose of saccharine thrown in.

We incorporated them in by stocking up on Laboratorio 917 – gorgeous, luxurious shoes handcrafted in Italy. Born in Milan, their collection features a diverse lineup of textures, heel heights and prints, all enviably stylish. Easily added to your closet and seamlessly injected into your personal style. Suede ebony ankle boots for fall, nude patent slingback kitten heels for work, leopard print babies for play.

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