A Modern day Jet-Setter

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The elusive quality of celebrity-perfected jetset style has been rehashed and reexamined for decades. From the time of Marlon Brando and Liz Taylor stepping off private jets, coiffed to perfection, to our current crop of tastemakers flying from coast to coast, looking like they walked off a runway, standards are high and inspiration is brimming.


What defines “the jetset” style is an element of functionality and utilitarianism seamlessly married with distinct style and a quality of being put together. Nobody wants to look sloppy stepping off a plane. Designers have spent endless resources, talent, marketing and brainpower coming up with ensembles and accessories to cater to this lifestyle – think resort collections. With streamlined, lightweight travel essentials flooding the market, we felt the only gaping hole is footwear. So we put together this look list of shoes that look great and feel great – coast to coast, airport to boardroom. Laboratorio 917 makes the most stunning, luxurious shoes and they cover all bases.

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