Laboratorio 917 launched May 2014 as a ladies footwear brand by Italian craftsmen in Milan, who has been searching for perfect shoes for strong women, comfortable sense of style. Laboratorio derives from the word ‘laboratory’ in the Italian language and 917 refers to the avenue in Milan.

The brand has a clear perspective on modern design of shoes. We called it ‘simplicity’. The creation of ‘simple chic’ timeless models grounded in Milanese elegance, extravagant and a rare luxury. Today’s stylish silhouettes, material & color, appeal to the woman leading sophisticated and modern life.

Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques to become an exclusive, recognizable, modern and practical shoes. And it is relaxedly shaped and has the concept of everyday luxury. Laboratorio 917 tries to keep a perfect balance between classic and common sense.

The brand now also crafts various leather goods. The brand is distinctive for high quality, functionality and design.Laboratorio 917 has been developing concerns about women of all ages who want attractive, beautiful, extravagantly comfortable shoes for every part of their lives, from work to out of work and from day to night.The shoes are with the old-world artisanal luxury that made in Italy epitomize.